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20 Questions and Answers

1) Q: What are biofuels?

A: Biofuels are natural fuels or materials from the earth.

2) Q: How can biofuels help the earth?

A: Biofuels can help the earth by powering many things that otherwise would be polluting more or effecting health more. Biofuels can make the product better by fixing these problems.

3) Q: Are biofuels safe?

A: Like any fuel, they are flamable and one should take precautions when using them, but they are known to be more healthy and friendly to the earth.

4 ) Q: How were biofuels used over 100 years ago?

A: Cavemen would use wood to create fire, which would cook food, heat, and create light. The Irish used peat from the bogs to build houses and burn as fuel.

5) Q: Are biofuels sustainable?

A: Of course, they are sustainable. They have to be, they're biofuels. It's part of their definition.

6) Q: What are biofuels mainly used for?

A: They are mainly used for farm vehicles, such as tractors and combine harvesters.

7) Q: Can a car be driven on biofuels?

A: It can be powered by biodiesel which doesn't produce as much pollution as regular gas.

8) Q: Are biofuels cheap?

A: The raw materials are cheap eg. corn, so it is possible to produce cheap biofuels.

9) Q: Are biofuels readily available?

A: Biodiesels are becoming more common to find as their popularity increases.

10) Q: Are there many uses for biofuels?

A: Biofuels have the potential to be used wherever another fuel is being used.

11) Q: How does our invention qualify as a biofuel?

A: Our invention is made out of natural resources aloe vera that moisturizes your skin.

12) Q: Is our invention vegetarian?

A: No, because there is glycerin in the soap, and glycerin is fats from sheeps' hooves.

13) Q: What is one thing that is good about our invention that helps you?

A: Our invention helps moisturize your skin and gets your hands clean.

14) Q: Will our invention cause rashes to people with allergies?

A: Fragrances can cause rashes, and our company makes soaps with and without fragrance.

15) Q: Is our invention safe to eat?

A: Although we do not recomend eating soap, if you accidentally eat a small bit, it is okay.

16) Q: How long does our invention last?

A: It takes a few weeks to disolve away. It really just depends on how often you wash.

17) Q: Is our invention sustainable?

A: All our ingredience come from sustainable sources.

18) Q: Is our invention safe for the environment?

A: Yes, because it is made out of natural resources.

19) Q: Can our invention harm anything or anybody?

A: Our invention is safe when used correctly.

20) Q: Why is our invention important?

A: Because it protects the earth while caring for our health!

Big 6 steps

For this project, our teacher asked us to pick a type of alternative energy, so that he could put us into groups with students who were doing the same thing. We had to come up with two sets of ten Q's and A's, which we would then put on our google presentation, make a glogster to show where we got information from, create a wikipage to put all our information in, and a diigo to bookmark the websites we used.

Books on biofuels could help us find information in order to come up with an eco-friendly invention. We could go on the internet to find websites that could help us find out what biofuels we could use for our invention too. We could also go to different stores and see what projects they have on bio fuels that will give us an idea. Another thing that we could do is, we can ask adults about biofuels and how we can make our invention better.

Bio fuel websites

These are a few of the websites that we used:

Aloe vera
Alternative energys
Environmentally friendly

Completed tasks.

We have found out that aloe vera moisturizes your skin.
Unrefined products are more environmetally friendly, and causes less allergies
The term "biofuels" covers a diverse range of resources.
Soap is not a food product, but is safe to ingest.

Glogster completed.

Our Presentation