RM 14 Table 3's POS Project


Alex and Ivy are lost in an unknown world, which they later find out is Verb-land. They are trying to get back home. They encounter Verb-beasts, which are like humans, but always doing the using the same verb in their actions over and over again. Along the way, they become friends with some Verb-beasts, but also encounter lots of obstacles. They learn how to use the Verb-beasts to help them overcome the obstacles, and eventually, with the Verb-beasts’ help, go back home.

-Director/Producer-Lead person
-William Hsu
-Poster Design/Creator(s)
-Matthew Atmadja
-Researcher/Link Organizer(s)
-Matthew Atmadja
-Artwork Creator(s) for background and characters
-Everyone in Group 3
-Story board Creator(s)
-Joycelin Liaw
-Story Creator(s)
-William Hsu & Matthew Atmadja
a. Narrator
b. Alex
c. Ivy
d. Jump VB (Orange)
e. Hop VB (Red)
f. Sigh VB (Purple)
g. Eat VB (Dark Green)
h. Punch VB (Green)
i. Kick VB (Gray)
j. Dig VB (Brown)
k. Fly VB (Sky Blue)
a. David Shih
b. Matthew Atmadja
c. Coco McCarthy
d. Matthew Atmadja
e. Joycelin Liaw
f. William Hsu
g. Joycelin Liaw
h. Joycelin Liaw
i. Matthew Atmadja
j. William Hsu
k. Joycelin Liaw
-Matthew Atmadja & William Hsu
-Voice-thread Director
-William Hsu & Joycelin Liaw
-Voice-thread Creator/Typer
-Coco McCarthy & Joycelin Liaw

Problem: Alex and Ivy are stuck in Verb-land, and want to get back home.

Solution: With the Verb-beast’s help, they get out of Verb-land.

How the story is related to verbs: Alex and Ivy learn more about verbs along the journey.