Project Summary

Our Parts Of Speech project is on adjectives. Our group picked to do adjectives because they have lots of definitions and a lot of examples we could use.

Leia is the group leader, director, and narrator for the story.She also drew the pictures for the Voicethread. Demetra is one of the people in our group who was assigned the Glogster job, and she did the voice of the evil owl named Feather in the story. Jared worked on the storyboard, and helped make up the storyline. He was the voice for Thumper the bunny. Lindsey also worked on the Glogster, helped with the drawings, and was Fluffy the dog. Last of all, Ryan played the part of Boney the hawk, and did some of the storyboard and helped make up the storyline. He also worked a lot on the Glogster. Everybody helped by editing the story and coloring pictures for the Voicethread.

After we decided on our jobs, we got to work. First, we made up our characters and their names. Then, we had to make up the story and did the storyboard. Along the way, we started on the Glogster. Everyone did a little bit of it. After Leia and Lindsey finished drawing the pictures and everyone else got them colored, Jared, Ryan, and Demetra scanned and uploaded the pictures onto the Voicethread. Next, we started recording. After trying about ten times with many mistakes and interruptions, we finally got the Voicethread recorded perfectly. In between everything, we worked on our Wikispaces page. Lastly, we finished up the Wiki by embedding the finished Glogster and Voicethread.

We all worked really hard and was really cooperative. We hope you enjoy our POS project!

Thank you!


The Adjective Heroes Starring In Undescribable World

One day, in Adjective City, Thumper the bunny walks outside and realizes something is missing!The adjectives are missing! They’re gone! OMG, we are gonna die!!!!!!!!”cried Thumper. Thumper gathers his friends: Boney the hawk, Fluffy the dog , and Feather the owl to go on a mission to search for the missing adjectives. Then Feather suggested they go to the Adjective Cave to search for them. “Let’s go search the Adjective Cave for the missing adjectives!!!” “OK!” ”Let’s go!”

As they search the adjective cave, Boney lists out what adjectives to use just in case if there is an emergency:
“ Adjectives are words that explain or describe another word, phrase, or sentence.
Adjectives nearly always appear immediately before the noun or noun phrase that they modify.
An adjective is a word whose main syntactic role is to modify a noun or pronoun, giving more information about the noun or pronoun's referent.
Adjectives are words that describe or modify another person, place, or thing.”

As Thumper and Boney list, “Gray, Blue, Tall, Big, Giant...”Fluffy notices somebody running away with the adjectives. Fluffy says,”Look, there’s a robber taking the adjectives!!!!” They also figure out Feather is actually a traitor, and is a noun supporter. She tries to quickly distract her “friends” and help her real team, but doesn’t succeed. “Traitor!” cries Fluffy. “Mwahahaha, yes, it is I who has stolen your dear little adjectives. Battle me for them if you dare!” cried Feather the traitor. “Bring it on!” the adjective heroes challenged. Boney, Thumper, and Fluffy fight back by creating their own adjective that describes them as superheroes, lightning thingamabobs, and ninjas. “I’m a magical ninja!” They use their new powers to fight back against the traitor Feather and her evil noun minions.

Soon, all of the evil minions are gone, “I have no more minions, so I shall leave you for now. You will not win the next time!!!” “Yeah right, sucker!” “Hey!!! It's true! You will never win!!! ever!!! Mwahahaha!”So, she flees the battle scene, leaving the bag of stolen adjectives behind. Thumper, Fluffy, and Boney take the adjectives back to Adjective City.
Then, the successful adjective heroes celebrate by eating candy that can be described in many ways and different adjectives.YAY!” “Now we get to eat candy to celebrate!” THE END

Leia (Narrator)
Jared (Thumper)
Lindsey (Fluffy)
Demetra (Feather)
Ryan (Boney)
Ryan and Jared (Boney and Thumper)
All Characters Except for Demetra(Feather) and Leia(Narrator)
All Characters Including Narrator