A long time ago, there was a heroic group.When they were minding their own business, a thief came and stole a bag of quotations.Without the bag, no one was able to speak.When the robber got back to his mansion, he realized that he forgot to take the pencil & pad to control every thing said. So, he decided that it was no use, and confess.Quotations are used to mark the takeoff and landing of a phrase said.


In our Voice Thread, we took turns saying our story lines.Amy- now presenting........The Mysteries Thief!
- 1st- In a far away land, there was a princess and a prince. They also
had a pet dragon. They always save the day no matter what horrible
things happen. 6th- It was extremely hard for the princess, prince, and
the dragon to communicate. 11th- The thief would rather admit the truth
that he stole it, rather than letting himself be caught, even though
he was a thief, so he headed to the castle, sadly.

Vicky - 2nd- One day, there was thief who sneaked inside the castle.
Once everyone was busy with their own work, the thief quickly found a
bag and peeked inside. 7th- Suddenly, everyone thought of the same

....(wait a long time) they understood what each others were thinking!
12th- Since the robber told the truth, swear that he will never steal
anything from the castle again, he didn’t have to get in jail forever.
On the Fifth page, say: Just in case, you don't know what quotation
marks mean, I'm nice enough to explain now. A quotation mark is put
before the phrase when people starts talking. It represents someone is

Evan- 3rd- There, was what the thief wants. A bag full of Quotation
Marks.“HEHEHEHEHE!!!!” he laughed evilly, but hoping nobody could hear
him. 8th- The amazing idea was, why couldn't they just write?? What a
great way to communicate!!!! 13th- He just needed to stay in jail for
one year, which really taught him a lesson that he never ever could
steel anything anymore.

Amy- 4th- Without the Quotation Marks, people really hated whispering.
It was also very hard to communicate. 9th- Together, the four of them
started to pass notes to each other. On the sixth page say:Just in case
you don’t know what a quotation looks like either, I’m also nice enough
to explain what it looks like to now!!! A quotation mark has two ways
to draw it. One way you could draw quotation marks is to draw two curly
comma on each side. 14th- THE END!

Aaron- 5th- The thief of course scamper back to his evil mansion first,
just in case anybody from the castle found him anywhere. 10th- The
thief also remembered that he forgot to steal the papers and the
writing tools. He, the thief, was seriously doomed!
Amy and Vicky says- Credits. Princess, Amy, Prince, Joe, Dragon, Evan, The thief, Aaron. Hope you liked our show.