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POS ProjectWiki Table of Contents video, anchor tags, and horizontal rule Instructions


There are three parts to this project
1. Your wiki page which organizes and explains your project and has the glog and voicethread embedded
2. Your Voicethread which shares the story or narrative, should include a series of slides and voices which represent characters and a narrator
3. Your Glog which advertises the narrative and explains the rules clearly and also has at least 4 links to learning tools for your assigned topic

This project will consist of multiple parts that your table group will undertake

Example Page and Tutorial

TableGroupPOS Example

Table group pages

POStable111 quotations
POStable211 prefix/root/suffix
POStable311 verbs
POStable411 adverbs
POStable511 nouns
POStable611 adjectives
POStable114 prefix/root/suffix
POStable214 adjectives
POStable314 verbs
POStable414 nouns
POStable514 adverbs
POStable614 quotations

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